Anti Autopsy Photo Campaign for Late Rap Icon Re-Started Print
Written by Site Admin ID2127   
Sunday, 20 November 2005 08:37

The staff at, in our mission to keep the legacy of one of hip-hop cultures most loved actors, poet, activist and rap icon; Tupac Shakur’s Legacy Alive, are re-starting our ''Anti-Tupac Autopsy Photo Campaign''.

Due to various server problems this campaign was often off line with this list site. A new host, with a great reputation is being used to host this list site so wants to put this phase of their Anti-Tupac Autopsy Photo Campaign back on line.

"We see there are many Tupac sites and hip-hop and rap sites who say they represent the hip-hop cultures greatest rap icon Tupac Shakur (2Pac) and then disrespect him and his mother's, Afeni Shakur Davis'' wishes by posting the supposedly ''leaked'' picture of the Tupac autopsy."

"This picture may or may not be real. But, it is our position that, either way, Afeni Shakur Davis has requested that they not be put up on the web. It is a matter of RESPECT. Not only to Afeni's wishes but to Tupac, his estate and his true fans."

"These pictures can be available to people who want to see them and request them by email, they do not have to be posted on site for everyone to see and for our children to ‘stumble upon."

"We are going to re-institute the Anti- Tupac Autopsy Photo Campaign. We are asking TRUE sites that rep for Tupac to remove these pictures from their sites and to add this button to their site. "

"Not a Tupac site but still support the stand taken here? Join the list and show your respect for Tupac. Any site is able to join this list as long as they truly rep and show respect for Tupac (2Pac) and his estate. "

"And we are requesting fans to watch for this button and only support sites that show their respect for Tupac, his mother's wishes and his estate", staff says.

“Sites that are taking time to register on the list should be supported, we encourage all to check out the list site and feel free to join it.”

For further info on this contact Site Staff at at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; or go to to see the list site and join.

PLEASE report any site on this list that is found in violation of the no autopsy photos policy. Also refer sites that TRULY rep for Tupac to join in this list.

The original posting of a press release for this campaign can be seen at : it was May 18th, 2004.