Lawyers for Rap Icon Tupac 2Pac Speak on Lawsuit Print
Written by Robert ID2530   
Tuesday, 18 April 2006 05:08

Today on many web sites, there is an article published that is reporting that the lawyers for Tupac Shakur's (2Pac) clothing line Amaru-AWA Merchandising, Inc. have reportedly filed a lawsuit against Very Impressive Tees Wear Inc. (VIT) for trademark infringement.

The lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles Division of the United State District Court, claims that VIT used 2Pac's trademark without authorization and caricaturized the rapper.

“Word is the aforementioned attorneys don''t want Pac to be depicted in a cartoon-like way or any other manner that doesn''t fit their definition of the icon.”

When we contacted lawyers in charge of rap Icon Tupac’s (2Pac) estate and who represent Ms. Afeni Shakur  and Amaru Entertainment say that is not the case.

Dina LaPolt of LaPolt Law. P.C., attorneys for Amaru Entertainment and Ms. Afeni Shakur, said “It’s not that. It’s that they failed to get permission from Ms. Shakur and Amaru Entertainment in connection with the authorized use of Tupac’s image. In addition, the moniker “2Pac” is a registered trademark owned and controlled by Amaru Entertainment and, accordingly, using it without permission is a violation of Lanham Act.”

Rick Barlowe, Ms. Shakur’s partner in Amaru-AWA Merchansing, Inc. further states, “We will vigorously defend Ms. Shakur’s  rights when people continually infringe on her copyrights and trademarks.” Amaru-AWA’s litigation attorney, Eric Farber of Farber and  Company filed the lawsuit. 

Although the lawsuit has been filed it seems that the ‘word’ that “attorneys don''t want Pac to be depicted in a cartoon-like way or any other manner that doesn''t fit their definition of the icon,” is false.

It is a matter of law and not ones definition or depiction. Tupac Shakur (2Pac) is an icon in hip-hop culture and needs no one to dictate the way he is ‘depicted’ – he is universally loved and admired.

Trademarks and copyrights are obtained for a purpose. It seems all that really needed to be done here was show Ms. Afeni Shakur some respect and recognize her as the best person in charge of Tupac’s (2Pac) estate and ask permission. It is done everyday in business.

The article reads as if the lawyers are to fault when in fact it is merely a question of respect and following the law.

We will update you on this as it goes forward.