Rap History The Very Best Of Death Row Review Print
Written by Robert ID1261   
Monday, 25 April 2005 09:20

Every now and then there is a release that brings back memories of days past and reminds you of the legendary time of Hip-Hop, Rap and Gangsta Rap.


April 26th legendary west coast record label Death Row Records releases ‘The Very Best Of Death Row’.


Under the management of Marion ‘Suge’ Knight and some of the greatest artists of the time this CD is a must have for any rap, hip-hop and gangsta rap fan; because it is a time capsule of a great time in the history of hip-hop culture.


It is truly the Very Best Of Death Row. Representing ‘Tha Row’ are the artists who put ‘Tha Row’ on the map.


Everyone from the late great rap icon Tupac Shakur to Dr. Dre to Snoop and yes even Lady of Rage makes an appearance; and the late Roger Troutman also is represented. The greatest days of ‘Tha Row’ shine on this CD.


Looking at the track list you can see that this is the very best of Tha Row. The bonus track by Petey Pablo & Kurupt is the only previously unreleased track on the album.


Although it is a newer recording, and not really from the period of the other tracks; still it fits right into Tha Row sound and that great west coast mind set.


When you read the cover you see the greats of Tha Row’s production. Names like Hurt M. Badd, Daz, Dr. Dre, Warrren G, and  DJ Pooh and you wonder where the good old days are and why they apparently are gone. But then you get hit with the Petey Pablo and Kurupt track and you are assured that the west sound is alive at Tha Row.


‘Suge’ Knight is the executive producer taking charge to make sure the west is represented by the very best.


This is a great album and one that you should get for those new to hip-hop and rap or for those who were not fortunate enough to get these the first time around. A great mix of tracks and a great representation of the legendary Death Row Legacy.


On a scale of 1-10 this album gets a 9.0


It drops tomorrow April 26th, so make sure you pick it up and check it out.


Support the west coast and Death Row – Buy it don’t burn it.



The track listing is:


1.  "Against All Odds": Tupac

2.  "California Love (remix)": Tupac feat. Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman

3.  "Gin and Juice": Snoop Doggy Dogg

4.  "Nuthin'' But A G Thang": Dr. Dre

5.  "Ambitionz Az A Ridah": Tupac

6.  "Who Am I (What's My Name)": Snoop Doggy Dogg

7.  "Let's Play House": Tha Dogg Pound

8.  "Regulate": Warren G. feat. Nate Dogg

9.  "Ain''t No Fun (If the Homies Can''t Have None)": Snoop Doggy     a       .     Dogg feat.Nate Dogg, Warren G., Kurrupt

10. "New York, New York": Tha Dogg Pound

11. "Let Me Ride": Dr. Dre

12. "What Would You Do": Tha Dogg Pound

13. "Afro Puffs": Lady Of Rage

14. "Off Tha Chain": Petey Pablo & Kurupt (***Bonus Track***)