Tupac Resurrection Movie Review Print
Written by Westside ID58   
Sunday, 26 September 2004 04:26
I just had my chance to see Tupac:Resurrection. Go to any movie and there are screaming kids, ringing cell phones, but this was a different setting from the start. It was like everyone did not know what to expect. And there was no way you could have expected what you got.

The movie opens with 'staring at the World Thru My Rearview'', in a kind of floating over the city in the clouds. And then the ''movie'' really begins.

This was hyped as ''In His Own Words'' and that was not hype. The only other voices you hear are maybe an interviewers. It is told ALL by Tupac.

I feel I just spent the night ''kicking it'' with Tupac. The charisma of the man shines thru the screen as he tells HIS STORY. You felt so comfortable as he walked you thru his early years, his family, his early singing career and then to jail and then Death Row and then the end.

This is more than a documentry. It is an evening with Tupac. At times you laughed with a tear in your eye, because he touches you thru the screen.

There is no one part of Tupac's life in great detail. But it touches all the bases and gives a deeper understanding and a more human touch to this man Tupac Shakur.

As you wind your way thru his life you are brought to an understanding that Tupac was not cut down in his prime; He had not yet reached his prime! Tupac was on the edge of bigger things than rap music. He understood the power he had and wanted to have an impact on his community. His political views are present and the why's for those views.

If you are a Tupac fan , no doubt you will like this and some may even say some things could have been better, there are always those who are never satisfied. If you are new to Tupac or just have a passing interest in him this is a very insightful look into his world.

As the film ends you are back above the city in that floating state. Returned from where you started while 'staring at the World Thru My Rearview'' plays again.and then you are ''let off'' and it is time for the credits.

This is where you hear Biggie and Em followed by 50 and the Realist Killas. I am glad those songs did not play during the movie itself. But still at the end of such a ''journey'' as the night with Tupac; Biggie, Em and 50 just didn''t cut it. But I think it was done that way, cause the sense of Tupac being gone and the music being passed on--more or less.

This is a must see, and will have to be a must have when it is released on dvd. I give Afeni much love and respect for sharing all this with us. The One Nation project was mentioned in the movie. That I hope is the next thing that Afeni will share with us. But for this movie; It is better than anything you can imagine. Make sure you see it. You will not be disappointed.

***Plus it was great to see Suge in this movie. I was sure they would just touch on Death Row but they did a good job reppin Suge. It was great to see Suge and Pac togeather.