Song About Katrina Angers Bush Administration Print
Written by Robert ID1948   
Sunday, 02 October 2005 23:23

Hip-hop artist Kanye West said it first. Super rap artist Jay-Z agreed, and now there's an official song circulating on the Internet that confirms it -- "President Bush Does Not Care About Black People."

Sung by newcomer soulful singer Allen, the song is a great mid-tempo combination of old-school R&B and pop. The lyrics are very emotional and graphic; the words paint an extremely dismal picture of what it was like to be a victim of Hurricane Katrina. The song is so intense that many are asking whether or not the singer was a victim who was actually stranded for days on a rooftop.

Some of they lyrics say:

"Everything is gone. Everything is gone. The clothes on my back are all I own."

"Then it hit me -- Ain''t nobody coming to get me"

"No one feels my pain. Once again, the color of my skin reminds me things ain''t changed."

"Begging you for water -- again and again. Please don''t make me drink the water that I''m standing in."

Many African-Americans like the song and agree with the lyrics. However, many politicians find the song offensive because it implies that President Bush just doesn''t care about Black Americans. In the media, Bush has accepted the blame for what went wrong with Katrina, but still denies that race was a factor. The images seen from the devastation prove otherwise.

Several artists including Prince, have released songs about the Hurricane Katrina situation. However, none have successfully captured the incident with the right lyrics, production, and emotion...until now!

The song can be heard and downloaded online for free at