SOPA and PIPA and why they are problems Print
Written by Staff   
Tuesday, 17 January 2012 14:55

SOPA (and PIPA) are two hot news topics right now and for a good reason.  There are a lot of rhetoric about the pros and, mostly, cons of both.  Up front both look like simple ideas of trying to stop piracy and rogue websites that deal in malware.  However, when we take a closer look, the problems begin to arise.

SOPA stands for the 'Stop Online Piracy Act' a new bill that would allow the US government to block Americans from visiting websites through DNS blocking.  Now why would the US government do that?  If they believe the page is dealing in piracy or even encourages it, the site can be blocked.  What's more is that only the domain ( would be blocked and not the actual IP address (192.94.X.X) of the web server, which, simply means that you could still get to pirated content if you knew the IP address of the machine where it sits.   The main supporters of this bill include the MPAA, the Recording Industry Association of America, and the US Chamber of Commerce.


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