NY Oil From Hip Hop Rap Artist Activist to Youth Mentor Print
Written by Robert ID3143   
Saturday, 02 December 2006 01:45

NY OIL, the hip hop artist responsible for the socially conscious rap song "Y''all Should All Get Lynched" and the racially charged hip hop track "What up my Wigger", will be appearing at the South Second Street Youth Center in Plainfield, NJ on Monday December 4, 2006 to mentor at risk youth.

The mission of the SSYC Mentoring Program is to reaffirm the lessons that parents teach by reinforcing the success principles of a spiritual life and developing our children to have greater self-esteem and self confidence; to be assertive and studious; and to develop those character traits that will prepare them to make significant, positive contributions to their family, community and to the society at large.

The subject of hip hop  rapper NY OIL’s discussion will be "Played for Play" – how the music industry plays the youth for the purpose of record sales. NYOIL will be bringing production equipment, giving the kids an opportunity to make a song of their own while learning about the song making process.

NY OIL’s passion for educating the youth and uplifting the Black community is the driving force behind the hip hop artist / activists music and his message. Plans for the immediate future include the creation of a mentoring program to assist young Black boys in their journey to becoming strong Black men.

Listen to an interview hip hop historian and activist Davey D did with NY Oil at http://www.thuglifearmy.com/news/?id=3133