Roscoe in Near Fatal Car Accident Print
Written by Robert ID646   
Monday, 03 January 2005 11:11


West coast rapper Roscoe, the brother of Death Row Records recording artist and VP Kurupt; was injured in a car accident New Years Day, according to Gail Gotti’s web site.

West coast gangstress, Gail Gotti, is Roscoe's sister-in-law. Here is the message that is posted on Gail Gotti’s web site.

“New Years Day Roscoe along with 3 other passengers were in a near fatal car accident. All four passengers have suffered serious injuries. Roscoe has a broken collar bone & lacerations on his face. He is now at the home of the Gotti''z recovering. The other 3 passengers are still hospitalized and have been in & out of surgery for the past 2 days.

Our Prayers Go Out To Everyone Involved“!!!!!!!!!!

All the staff at send our prayers to all involved in this accident.

Visit Gail Gotti’s site  HERE for updates.