Rap Artist TI's Hip-Hop Entourage Involved in Shooting Print
Written by Robert ID2584   
Tuesday, 02 May 2006 21:38

Interstate 75 in Cincinnati Ohio is shut down at this hour while police officials investigate a ‘rolling gun battle’ that took place between Southern Rap artist TI’s entourage with another vehicle, after a hip-hop show in Cincinnati last night.

ATL Rap artist TI played at a club called Bogart’s in Cincinnati last night (Tuesday). After that performance the rap artist and his entourage went to another area hip-hop club called ‘Club Ritz’ in one of Cincinnati’s suburbs.

Rap artist T.I. and Yung Jo appeared at Bogart's, but it is unclear who were involved in the gun battle.

The gun battle started when the hip-hop rap artist and his entourage had an altercation at the hip-hop club ‘Club Ritz’ and that spilled out onto I-75 where the gun battle took place. The crime scene is over 3 miles long, and has closed the interstate.

There were at least 4 victims taken to the hospital in the shooting. Police officials are not saying if any arrests have been made or have they gave any identification of those who where shot.

Police officials have told ThugLifeArmy.com that at least one victim in rapper TI’s vehicle, a female was among those who were shot.

Police are interviewing all the participants and police officials have just told us that all the victims that were taken to the hospital were from the entourage of the Atlanta rap artist TI.