Crooked I Officially Off The Row Print
Written by Robert ID687   
Sunday, 09 January 2005 22:15

Having fought numerous personal, legal and political battles in efforts to break free from the contractual constraints of Death Row Records, rap artist Crooked I is now officially released and has wasted no time in following through with his vision for himself and West Coast rap. This vision begins with Dynasty Entertainment, Crooked I's creation and catalyst for movement. Signed by Treacherous/Universal, his label has begun its line up of projects.

Crooked I will release a tell-all DVD, "Life After Death Row," about his trials on Death Row Records, dispelling rumors and allegations and allowing the public to see for themselves the trials and tribulations of the rap game. This project is paired with his released mixtape, "Young Boss Vol. One," and his upcoming album, "Momma's Boy... Gotta Loaded Gun," all of which are the artist's means to reaffirm the authenticity behind the name Crooked I.

This patient and level-headed free agent looks at his past years of misfortune as a learning experience and wants to walk away from it all with respect. He is not about the bitterness between West Coast and East Coast rap scenes; his focus is not distracted by the petty back and forth between artists in the rap game, and he holds no hard feelings with his prior label. Instead, Crooked I is using all that he has gained in his ventures to re-establish himself and his own Dynasty. His main goal is to revamp West Coast classic [rap]. Crooked hopes to bring the life experiences back into West Coast music through his albums and allow the little guys, up and coming in the rap game, to take part in this evolution as well.

As his audience grows and his name remains untainted to this day, Crooked I has finally found the right track: "There are a whole lot of different types of music circulating on the West, but only one particular type that's getting the spotlight, so people think that is what the whole West Coast is supposed to be like. That is not true. My album is going to be a West Coast album. It's just gonna have a new flavor on it, ''cause certain people haven''t been able to break out. That is what we are trying to do. The whole West is about to get a makeover."

Crooked I has come a long, hard way and is on a launch pad to success. He has his head on straight, looking onward and upward, his misfortunes in the past, solo projects on deck and hot new talent under his wing. He has found within himself the ability to remain focused, driven, and now it is time; it is his turn. The dues have been paid, and he has his eyes on the prize.