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Written by Robert ID2942   
Tuesday, 15 August 2006 23:38

South Africa, among various other African countries, has been churning out hip hop acts that have had the chance to break out of their borders and reach major music markets around the globe.

Johannesburg's hip hop artist Eyezon is one example of quality South African hip hop, accessible to an even wider audience due to his fluency in the English tongue.

Eyezon, born and raised in Johannesburg, father gone and mother exiled to Germany, made a choice to move to the United States to start a new life and expand his hip hop talent. A stark contrast to the original outlets to which hip hop reached Eyezon's ears, only through hip hop and rap music mixtapes and recorded radio shows brought to him in Jo''burg by his uncle.

His debut album entitled ‘7 Miles From Earth’ precedes an upcoming project that will be produced entirely by an up-and-coming North Carolina producer by the name of Young Sean.

‘7 Miles From Earth’ is currently available online for FREE download through the good people at Loud Minority Music. Down load South African hip hop artist Eyezon’s album 7 Miles from Earth at  

Track list for Eyezon - 7 Miles From Earth


1 - Intro

2 - 7 Miles From Earth

3 - Restoration

4 - Interlude

5 - Abantu (People)

6 - Get Facts

7 - Times Are Changing Intro

8 - Times Are Changing

9 - So Far Away

10 - Move The Motionless

11 - Black Water

12 - I Write What I Like

13 - Baby Blues

14 - Year Of The Dragon

15 - The Freedom Song

16 - Didn''t I Tell Ya