Sleepy Brown to Drop 'Mr Brown Print
Written by Robert ID2761   
Thursday, 22 June 2006 02:04

Patrick Sleepy Brown, the smooth crooner in the dark shades who paired with hip-hop duo Outkast's member Big Boi on ‘The Way You Move’, is making his own moves onto the hip-hop scene with the release of ‘Mr. Brown’ on September 26th.

James Brown gave the drummer some, and we loved him for it. 35 years later, multiple Grammy-winning soul icon Sleepy Brown, of Atlanta's famed Dungeon Family, is using his platinum touch to give the ladies some. And we love him for it too. "I just wanted to make a record that was smooth and that the everyone could enjoy," says the 30-something singer/songwriter. "I felt like a lot of the R&B out right now was very club oriented, and I wanted to make something that stood out from that." His Purple Ribbon/Virgin Records debut, MR. BROWN, does just that. With sensual sounds, falsetto crooning, and sensitive, thoughtful lyrics, the album conjures a futuristic feel with mass appeal. Exemplifying the LP's exciting and groundbreaking, yet polished feel is it's lead single, the Neptunes produced, Pharrell-guested "Margarita." Bouncy bongos, organ hits and hand-claps compliment Sleepy's dream-like vocals and Pharrell's infectious chorus, creating vintage pop-soul. It seems finally the man behind the Grammy winning, multi-platinum success of hip-hop groups like Outkast and TLC will finally have some plaques and awards of his own in the near future.

"I just want to bring that real soulful vibe back to the music," he says. "And I think we made something that is just different than anything else that people have heard, even though hopefully, it''ll remind them of the records from back in the day."

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And for a taste of things coming, listen to “Margarita” featuring Pharrell and Big Boi HERE.


Sleepy Brown’s ‘Mr. Brown’ on Virgin Records is set to drop September 26, 2006