LA Hip-Hop Duo Seeks Injunction Against Rap Artists Print
Written by Robert ID2758   
Wednesday, 21 June 2006 03:07

The Los Angeles based hip-hop / rap duo “Godz Gift” is seeking an injunction to halt the release of the hip-hop group Tha Dogg Pound’s highly anticipated album “Cali Iz Active”. The hip-hop group is alleging copyright infringement for the song ‘Hard on a Hoe’, featuring hip-hop’s favorite voice Nate Dogg and RBX.


The hip-hop duo Godz Gift, who has a song entitled “Hard on You”, says that Tha Dogg Pound’s “Hard on a Hoe” uses its chorus, and beat, which they believe is a violation of their copyright infringement.


The group through its representative, Tyson Bell, issued an immediate cease and desist order for the unauthorized use, and distribution, of all infringing works derived from Hard on You to Doggy Style Records, Koch Records, Koch Distribution, Nate Dogg, and rap and hip-hop artists Daz Dillinger, RBX, Snoop Dogg and Kurpt.


In a statement issued by M-hat one of the members of Godz Gift, he speculated that Tha Dogg Pound, could have taken the chorus and beat off the popular website which features several of their upcoming songs.


In a memo of support to Godz Gift, Tyson Bell, quoted Judge Kevin Thomas Duffy: Who presided over the case of Raymond “Gilbert” O’Sullivan vs. Biz Markie in a related case.


“"Thou shalt not steal has been an admonition followed since the dawn of civilization. Unfortunately, in the modern world of business this admonition is not always followed.”


Tyson Bell said these young men (Godz Gift) aren’t looking for 5 minutes of fame, at the expense of Tha Dogg Pound; they simply seek justice for work earnestly created. “It’s difficult enough in the music business, one so rooted by deception; we now have established artists feeling the pressure to meet deadlines that the creative process has to be compromised.