Latino Hip Hop Artist Pitbull Drops New Single Print
Written by Robert ID3046   
Tuesday, 03 October 2006 22:37

Latino hip hop artist Armando "Pitbull" Perez is not your typical rap MC. Although he makes songs about getting "culo" the Cuban-American hip hop artist is more preoccupied with preserving the image of his isla bonita, Cuba and unmasking Pres. George W. Bush's misguided war.

With his new Diaz Bros/TVT Records sophomore album, ‘El Mariel’, named after the infamous Cuban boatlift that relocated almost 125,000 Cubanos to Florida, Pitbull will make the biggest impact a Latino has made in hip hop since the late hip hop great Big Pun.

Inspired by one of the most dramatic events in Cuban history, ‘El Mariel’ is overflowing with enlightening gems, rap ballads and hip hop club bangers.

The new album ‘El Mariel’ will be released on TVT Records, October 31st. 

Pitbull's new single from ‘El Mariel’, ‘Ay, Chico’ can be heard HERE.