Indie Hip-Hop from Rap Artist Loon on 'No Friends Print
Written by Robert ID2745   
Monday, 19 June 2006 05:17

Harlem NY native Loon, (born Chauncey Hawkins), has worked alongside the biggest names in the hip-hop / rap game including Bad Boy’s hip-hop entrepreneur Diddy, whom he toured the world with while penning some of the biggest rap songs of this century. Now, the hip-hop artist Loon is striking out with his own label, Boss Up Entertainment and is releasing the sizzling album ‘No Friends’ in conjunction with X-RAY Records. 

After being part of one of the most influential crews rap has ever seen, Loon knows the value of putting together a potent project. “The reason I called it ‘No Friends’ is because this is the first project that I’ve put together by myself,” Loon explains. “I put it together to put something out for the streets and show some diversity and balance, things I never got to show on Bad Boy. This is me collaborating with my own artists and putting together some treats that people might not be used to be hearing from Loon.”

After helping fellow hip-hop artist Ma$e establish himself in the late 1990s, the two former partners-in-rhymes fell out. Loon decided to take on the new G-Unit rap artist in Ma$e dis song “What Happened To Pastor?” because of his flip-flopping between being a religious man and a gangster rapper. 

“I got the record out there on my own independently and it made its waves,” Loon says of “What Happened To Pastor”, “now that you’ve got Mase’s music pushed by the G-Unit machine, even though my record was hotter, his got visibility.  I wanted people to hear my lyrical achievement.”

Since he was known primarily as a ladies’ man, Loon knows that the new, harder edge material he unveils on ‘No Friends’ will surprise -- and impress hip-hop and  rap fans around the world.

The album will hit shelves August 29th.

‘No Friends’ Track Listing



Skit 1

Baby Ya Buggin’

Eyes On U

You Crazy

Mobb Style

Skit 2

Live or Die


Skit 3

Came To Get Down

Belly Dance


Skit 4

What Happened To Pastor?

Think Again