Copyright Infringement Could Cost 15 Mill Print
Written by Robert ID731   
Wednesday, 19 January 2005 10:36


Hip-hop producer Dr. Dre, R&B’s Mary J. Blige and female rap artist Eve are being sued by Madonna’s publishing company for copyright infringement regarding the song ‘Not Today’ which featured on the official ‘Barbershop 2’ soundtrack.

The track which was Dr Dre produced featured singer Blige and rapper Eve. The lawsuit is surprisingly coming from the people who own the rights to Madonna’s ‘Holiday’. Even though the Madge track was made twenty odd years ago the lawyer’s state the copyright has been breached.

Celebrity Justice has reported the publishing company claims the songs are just too similar, Judith Finell the top musicologist has compared them and declares, "Both the pitches and the rhythms sound closely related. I don’t think they’re identical, because Madonna’s song is in what we call ‘major key’ and Mary J Blige’s song is in a minor key." Both parties had no comment on the matter. If the case goes to court the three music stars could face loosing up to $15 million to the plaintiffs.