The West Coast Artist Print
Written by Robert ID706   
Wednesday, 12 January 2005 01:08

‘West coast artist don’t get the attention they deserve’. West coast artist are often ignored by the major’s’.

These are statements we hear all the time, and for the most part they are true.

There are a lot of good rap and hip-hop artist on the west coast that the majors don’t push or even seem interested in. But is that really the fault of the major recording labels or is it the ‘attitude’ of a lot of the west coast artist which is to blame?

I hear everyone giving the late Tupac Shakur props and saying that they learned so much from him, but what is it they have learned? Tupac was very media savvy. He knew how to ‘play’ the camera and knew how to maneuver thru interviews and to always stay on the legit press’s side. Sure he had haters in the press but when he found a media person who walked away from an interview or a chance meeting with him, he always kept it real with them so at least he always had some on his side. He was, as his new album is titled; ‘Loyal to the Game’. He was loyal to those who where loyal to him. Tupac did not expect anything free; he ‘gained’ every ounce of respect he received.

Some of today’s west coast artists seem to be distant and self centered. They are only loyal to few and seem to expect something different from people, just because they happen to be from the west coast.

There have been some artists that have made the transition from ‘west coast artist to a more ‘major label’ based artist and have done it successfully. But still there are those who are still stuck in the ‘west coast’ thought that since they are from the west and that is some ‘right of passage’. I am not implying that they have to go to a major label to have success, just that when the media plans are drawn up and you want to get your ‘shine on’ be real don’t, front people. If people like you they will do for you, if you front and screw everyone you can to get your message out – what about next time? You can only get over on so many people and then there are none left.

In a lot of dealings with the west coast artist you can find out that among some of them; first: they are hard to get a hold of. They seem to have people around them that do not have their best interest at heart. Managers and even PR people with this attitude, that they are doing you a favor by even giving you any communication at all; when in fact the total opposite is true. Word of mouth free advertisement is the best advertisement there is and it can not be bought.  When even publicist feel that they deserve special treatment because they rep for this artist or that artist; then it is time that artist finds a new PR person.

The west coast has a proud heritage in hip-hop, rap and gangsta rap; but this is 2005 not 1990. Things change and you can not live in the past, you need to move on or become stagnant.

When an artist, their manager or PR person tells you something: that should really mean something. You should be able to feel confident that the ‘work’ that you are about to put into them will be appreciated and that a trusted contact was made. If you put 2 or 3 days into an artist who does not appreciate it then why do it; just because they happen to be this artist or that artist? Or just because they happen to be from the west coast? That is just a waste of time and being used by them.

There are a lot of good and hungry artist on the west coast that deserve a little ‘shine’, but also there are the one’s that either thru their own fault or the people around them feel that west coast means some kind of free pass to screw you over and you should enjoy it because at least you got screwed by a west coast artist or one of their people.

The west coast artist will gain that respect and shine when they discover that when you play the game, you play the whole game. Being a recluse does not get you exposure, and a person who uses people doesn’t get many returned calls after awhile.

I love the west coast sound and most of the artist who reside there. This is in no way a diss towards the west or any artist in particular. It is intended only as an information tool so you can understand another view of what it is going to take to regain the stature the west once enjoyed. But if the west is going to come back to where they once were in the game it is going to take a new attitude to; just not talent. So when the media plans are ‘drawn up’ for that next ‘big push’ make sure the people around you have the same mind set as you and your best interest at heart.

This type of stuff happens with east coast artist to, but it seems to be more prevalent in the west artist and their people.

Support the west coast and the west coast artist.