Beenie Man Offers 1 Million Reward Print
Written by Robert ID737   
Thursday, 20 January 2005 22:03

Beenie Man

Ace dancehall deejay Beenie Man last night posted a $1-million reward for the capture of the men who killed dancehall personality, Gerald Levy, popularly known as "Bogle".

The reward, according to Beenie Man, whose real name is Moses Davis, will be increased over subsequent weeks until the murderers are caught.

"If they are not caught after two weeks, we will increase it to $2 million," Beenie Man told the Observer last night. "And every three weeks after that it will be raised by $1 million."

Bogle, regarded as a leader of the Black Roses Crew, which was once led by Willliam "Willie Haggart" Moore, was shot dead at about 2:35 yesterday morning at the Esso gas station on the Constant Spring Road/North Odeon Avenue corner in Half-Way-Tree, Kingston.

The police say Bogle and four other persons were sitting in his Ford F-150 truck purchasing gasolene when two armed men on a grey Honda F4 motorbike rode up and sprayed the vehicle with bullets.

All five were taken to the Kingston Public Hospital where Bogle succumbed to his injuries. A 16-year-old youth, two men and a 19-year-old woman were injured. The woman was treated and released while the other three persons were admitted in serious condition.

Last night, Beenie Man said he could not sit by and do nothing to assist in the capture of the killers.

"We can''t mek dis go so like Willie Haggart," the deejay said. "Me and Bogle ah friend fi life."

Persons claiming to be eyewitnesses say Bogle was involved in a dispute with persons at the popular Weddy Weddy Wednesdayz dance at Stone Love headquarters on Burlington Avenue and had left the dance as a result.

Hours after the shooting, the 12 Dillon Avenue home of another dancehall personality, John "John Hype"

Prendergast, which is about two blocks away from Lincoln Avenue, was firebombed and completely destroyed.

A neighbour told the Observer that eight men invaded the premises and tried unsuccessfully to smash in the door to the house where John Hype lived.

"Them throw an object in the house and it explode. The whole room just catch fire in a second," the neighbour said.

"Then some of them run and some go in a car and drive off."

The fire spread quickly, and although five fire units responded, persons who lived in another house in the yard were forced to remove their furniture and other belongings.

For more than a decade Bogle was the leading dancehall choreographer and was involved in a professional rivalry with John Hype, who has made a name for himself as a dancer for over a year now by creating new moves.

Recently Bogle recorded a single titled A Whe Dem Did Deh?, which pokes fun at his rivals. The single has been receiving heavy rotation in dancehalls.

In an apparent response, John Hype recorded a single which is also proving popular among dancehall crowds.

Yesterday, police theorised that John Hype's house was firebombed because he figured in the dispute which took place before Bogle's death.

"The persons who burnt down the house obviously believe that the rivalry spilt over into violence and culminated with Bogle's death," one cop on the scene of the fire said.

But John Hype was adamant that while he and Bogle were involved in friendly rivalry, there was never any threat of violence or bad blood between them. According to John Hype, both dancers performed together at a number of recent live events.

"Me have no reason to kill Bogle because the two of us just did shows in Atlanta, New York and Bermuda," John Hype said. "We were on the stage together and we tore the place down. I am grieving in my heart."

Last night, the police, anxious to prevent any possibility of reprisals, imposed a curfew on the area and said it would be lifted at 8:00 this morning.

Bogle's murder comes just under four years after "Willie Haggart" was gunned down in front of his business place at Lincoln Road by three well-dressed gunmen. Moore was shot 27 times and died on the spot. Two of Moore's friends - Albert "Blacka Douche" Bonner and Lowell "Big Bunny" Hinds - were also slain in that attack.