Hip Hop Group Wu-Tang Clan Member RZA Keeping It Real Print
Written by Robert ID3612   
Friday, 20 April 2007 00:48

Hip Hop rap artist and producer RZA, one of the founding members of the hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan, is upset with the state of hip hop today.

He is one of a few hip hop and rap artists who are speaking up and telling it like it really is. It is comments like these from RZA that have always made him a stand out in the hip hop community.

RZA, aka Robert Diggs, is sick and tired of listening to ghetto culture, drugs and crime being glorified in hip hop and rap music.

The hip hop notable says "Hip-hop is just unbalanced. Right now, rappers are glorifying their hell. How you gonna tell me it's cool to live in the ghetto? Who wants to live where you got rats, roaches, pissy elevators, shootings, killings, rapings, drug addicts, alcoholics, all in a four block radius?”

RZA continues "Now, out of nine Wu-Tang members, seven are felons. We were the problem of our communities, but we never bragged about it. We kept moving on about life. But right now, these hip-hoppers are stuck on one thing. They stuck on sex and violence and drugs and partying. Life is way more than that. Especially the day after the party ends. When you get the f**k up the next day, what you gonna do?"