FREE Artist Sales Accounts Now On Whotunecom Print
Written by Robert ID4661   
Tuesday, 07 December 2010 07:30 announced FREE Sales accounts for its registered Unsigned artists. This move sees no upfront fee to add your music for Sale via Digital Downloads worldwide & Unlike other sites who not only charge an upfront Fee And take 30-50% of any sale only takes 15% to cover its costs which means the artist keeps 85% of the sale.

Whotune also puts the decision making Power Back in the hands of the artists- you can select the price you want to charge for Singles & Albums.

Whotune is fast becoming the number 1 destination for Unsigned artists online, with its suite of promotional tools, Live Cam Performance Platform, Unsigned Only Radio stations, Collaboration tools, Videos, Charts, Featured Artists, Instant Messaging, Wall to Wall & Private Messaging plus a lot more!

Unsigned Artists who are smart will see the advantage of a whotune sales account & start directing their fans to whotune to purchase their songs, after all, why give away more than you have to? when you are an unsigned artist every Dollar counts!


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