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Written by Robert ID4495   
Saturday, 16 August 2008 10:58

In an ongoing effort to offer aspiring producers, writers, and artists all of the tools and resources they need to make great music and create opportunities in the entertainment industry, Sample My Melodyz Inc. introduces SampleMyMelodyz.Com, a creative tool for producers created by various well known producers in the recording industry today.

The site is currently featuring Multi-Platinum Hip Hop Producer Red Spyda (credits include: Grand Theft Auto Soundtrack, hip hop artists 50 Cent and Eminem) and Ben Grimm of The Now & Laterz (credits include: Game, Bow Wow, Lloyd, R. Kelly).

In addition to offering an array of strong melody content from various genres of musical styles, the site offers contracts for legal matters that pertain to the entertainment industry.

The melodyz are 24 bit stereo wave files that are compatible with REASON, LOGIC, AKAI MPC, FRUITY LOOPS, GARAGE BAND, PROTOOLS, CUBASE, MIDI, CAKEWALK, WAVE, ETC.

SampleMyMelodyz.Com is more than just a download; it is a social network for people who love to make great music. You can chat with a current platinum producer at predetermined times, win a recording contract from Tommy Boy Records, collaborate with other aspiring producers on the message boards, purchase legal templates created by entertainment lawyers or check out the videos exclusively in the members section.

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