Recent 'Net Rumors' of Suge Knight Deemed False Print
Written by Robert ID4194   
Thursday, 28 February 2008 23:37

Recently rumors have been posted on the net that hip hop / rap entrepreneur and Death Row Records CEO, Marion ‘Suge’ Knight has fathered a child with Saaphyri.

Saaphyri is the winner of VH1’s ‘Charm School’. Web sites are saying that “word going around Los Angeles is that the baby was fathered by Death Row Records'' boss Suge Knight.”

We contacted the hip hop kingpin, Suge Knight to see if there was any truth to these ‘street rumors’ and we were told that Suge doesn’t even know who she is and has never even met her.

These internet rumor sites are getting bad and really should be called hip hop tabloid sites instead of news sites. If they would reach out and find out the facts then they would have real news and not just rumors.

The streets are full of rumors and that does not make it fact. Check sources and report real things instead of trying to grab headlines by using a hip hop moguls name to do so.

Just goes to show you – you can’t believe everything you see on the net.