Case Tossed Against Hip Hop Figure - Apologizes Made Print
Written by Keith ID3484   
Friday, 23 March 2007 06:57

The case against Joe Giaco, a well known figure in the hip hop and rap music field, brought by Theresa Rossi has been discontinued.

Joe Giaco was a co-defendant in the $22 million dollar lawsuit brought against hip hop and rap label Def Jam by former music executive, Theresa Rossi, for allegedly tampering with Soundscan results to distort music charts. The case was discontinued by the New York Supreme Court on February 22, 2007 after it was determined that all claims made against Mr. Giaco and his companies, Giaco Entertainment Inc. and Entertainment Marketing Services, Inc. were not true and without basis in fact.

The several-year-old charges have now been completely discontinued and in a sworn, hand-written statement to the New York Supreme Court, Ms. Rossi herself acknowledged that she made untrue allegations against Mr. Giaco and his companies and holdings, and apologizes to him for any damages to his reputation and business caused by her claims.

Joe Giaco began his career as a Music Director at WBLS-NY under the legendary Frankie Crocker. In his 30 year career in the music industry, Giaco was responsible in part for the project successes of a considerable number of hip hop and rap artists including; Jay Z, Ludacris, Lil Jon, Ying Yang Twins, Ice Cube, Master P, Snoop Dogg, and he, and his company Giaco Entertainment, Inc. were repeatedly hired by the majors -- Def Jam, WEA, Priority -- where his considerable expertise in retail and marketing and promotions was an asset in the execution of their overall marketing strategies. "I am just happy that this case was finally over and that I received a full apology." Joe smiled as the court's judgment was handed down.