Don Imus' Corporate Sponsor List Hip Hop Stand Up Print
Written by Robert ID3572   
Thursday, 12 April 2007 07:33

The Hip Hop Community is growing every day. As a ‘body’ we have the numbers to make a difference when we speak out. Hip hop is being ‘blamed’ as one reason that Don Imus felt comfortable with his remarks about Black Woman and the Rutgers University women's basketball team.

As a community Hip Hop should ‘stand up’ and 'speak up''. Hip Hop is not the cause of all of society’s woes or should hip hop be blamed when racists’ remarks are made – especially against women of any color.

Imus has attempted to ‘apologize’ for his comments but it was with the ease that it came out of his mouth that makes this serious. If you think a certain way it is surely to slip out sooner or later and he can blame it on humor or what ever else it would like, but he would have not said those comments if he did not think of Black Women in that context.

Hip Hop needs to stand up and speak out on this. We should not take the blame for his remarks.

Davey D has posted a list of Don Imus'' Corporate Sponsors. Below is Davey D’s post. Hip Hop Stand Up and Speak Out.

Here's Don Imus'' Corporate Sponsor List: Hit ''em Where It Hurts by Davey D

Big shout out to my friend Barbara George for putting all this together.

Colleagues and Friends:

Some of you have asked for a list of corporate sponsors of MSNBC & NBC Corporation programming so they may be contacted about having their products and services boycotted if the station refuses to fire Don Imus in response to the egregious remarks he made last week in reference to the Rutgers University women's basketball team, as well as other equally inflammatory and denigrating remarks about Black Americans he has made in the past.

In listening to his interview on the Today Show this morning, it became abundantly clear that he really isn''t sorry for his remarks, but merely apologized in response to the groundswell of negative response elicited by the things he said. This morning he stated he would not debate Rev. Al Sharpton on the Today Show because Matt Lauer would only take Rev. Sharpton's side. I literally camped out in front of the news shows this evening and from what I observed, the other MSNBC news casters gave indication that they are basically embarrassed by their association with the network.

Just to let you know, Proctor and Gamble and two or three other sponsors have already yanked their sponsorship contracts. Also, several affiliate stations have distanced themselves from MSNBC and the fallout from this mess. They do not want to be tainted by continued association with MSNBC.

The MSNBC / NBC sponsors are:


Wyeth Laboratories / Caltrate

Covergirl cosmetics


Comcast Chanel One

Xerox (sorry Neet)

Subway Sandwich Shops

Capri Sun Drinks

Nasonex nasal spray

Mazda CX9 SUV

Verizon Wireless

Nivea body lotion

Valspar house paint

Nissan Altima

Mitsubishi Lancer

Mancini's Sleep World

Chevy Silverado Extended Cab Trucks

Mercedes R350 Class Cars

Comcast Digital Voice Home Service

TRANE Air Conditioning Systems


Dove Pro-AGe Shampoo

Imitrex Migraine Medication

Pampers Cruisers Disposable diapers

2008 Lexus RX Automobile

Claritin Clear Allergy Medication

Thompson's Waterseal wood finisher

I am going to send the following message to each:

Dear Corporate Sponsor:

In view of the egregious remarks made by Mr. Don Imus on his NBC Radio broadcast last week, and in view of the fact that NBC Radio has failed to terminate him from their employ in response to these and other equally unacceptable comments about members of our community, I am forthwith ceasing from purchasing any of your products and/or services if you continue your sponsorship of MSNBC, NBC, and their affiliate broadcast entities, who by their failure to adequately sanction the behavior of their staff, are sending a clear message to the black community that they either agree with Mr. Imus'' comments or find them to be acceptable. By your sponsorship, you share in the responsibility of Mr. Imus'' reprehensible behavior with the NBC Broadcast Corporation.