False Hip Hop News Reports on Reggie Wright Addressed Print
Written by Anton Batey ID4092   
Thursday, 13 December 2007 05:42


For the past 48 hours, rumors have been circulating around internet hip hop, rap and news sites about Wrightway Protective Services owner and ex head of Death Row Records security Reginald Wright, aka Reggie Wright Jr., "backing down" from last week’s $100,000 challenge issued by former Wrightway security guard, the self-proclaimed "highly medicated" Kevin Hackie regarding Wright’s alleged involvement and orchestration in the murder of the late hip hop legend Tupac Shakur (2Pac) in September, 1996.


The article that hit the internet claimed that Hackie and Wright were “set to meet last week in an arrangement made by a Fox News affiliate in Los Angeles who would televise the polygraph procedure. But Hackie explained Wright backed out”. Oh really? The nameless and ambiguous “Fox News affiliate in Los Angeles” is Christopher Blatchford, who had this to say about the article when I brought it to his attention: “There’s no truth to that. The assertion that we arranged some kind of a polygraph is absurd”. He also said that “this is what’s wrong with the internet; they can make up anything they want. He (Hackie) came here and did an interview and I have not done a story. He made that same statement, that challenge, on camera to me about the 100 grand, and beyond that everything else is fabrication.”

How right Mr. Blatchford is about the internet. However, the internet isn’t the only place people can spread unverified, baseless and unconfirmed rumors and accusations – they also make them on DVDs.

Reginald Wright had this to say about Hackie’s $100,000 challenge: “The day Kevin Hackie puts up the money to pay for a reputable board-licensed polygrapher to conduct a lie detector test for him and I, people will find out who the liar is. I had nothing to do with Pac's (2Pac Shakur) death. The reason Pac is dead is because Frank Alexander, the guy who wrote and produced this new DVD failed to bodyguard Pac properly on the night he was shot,” Wright said. “Kevin [Hackie] and Frank [Alexander] ought to be ashamed of themselves. The truth is these guys had almost nothing to do with Pac's life, but they never cease to come up with new ways to exploit his death for profit or fame”.

It should also be noted that Kevin Hackie has not put this $100,000 in escrow, signifying that he’s not serious about his own “challenge”.


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