The Search is on for Conscience Hip Hop Videos Print
Written by Robert ID3223   
Thursday, 11 January 2007 01:07

NY Hip Hop Entertainer/Host Tommy Danger and Grace Brown Creators of the New York City based Dangervision have partnered with Sonicbids for a Hip Hop Video search.

Sonicbids has quickly grown to become one of the leaders in the electronic press kits savings artists hundreds of dollars in the post era of postal mailing printed press/demo packages.

“We receive more videos and wanted a way to better organize and maintain our niche market seeking the best material possible,” says producer Grace Brown. Sonicbids has been known for hosting hundreds of music artist opportunities across the US and some global allowing artists to gain more exposure without major backing.

“I myself am a Supersonics member and been entered numerous online opportunities that have become invaluable to my career and to be source to other artists especially Hip Hop artists makes me honored” says the Harlem Born Hip Hop Entertainer/Host Tommy Danger.

Dangervision Entertainment’s Hip Hop video search will be monthly and themed based for up and coming shows on Dangervision airing on Manhattan Neighborhood Network Fridays at 9:30pm on channel 56. The first themed search is Conscience Hip Hop videos. “We listen very close to our viewers and are going to give them the best Hip Hop videos out without being like BET/MTV” says Grace Brown.

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