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Thursday, 16 December 2010 00:18

Overnight music sensations online are growing faster than you can say YouTube. Cover artist Keenan Cahill, indie sensations Pomplamoose, and pop star Owl City (whose recording career is now anchored at a major label and all over terrestrial radio stations) — are just three strong examples of creative music artists who started out as Internet phenoms. Now one of the nation's leading music colleges, McNally Smith College of Music, is looking for the next breakout music artist with its "Express Your Talent" online music contest!

"Express Your Talent" will empower anyone to create a three-minute music video piece showcasing their musical talent, whatever it may be. It's open to McNally Smith students — and non-students anywhere and everywhere. Prizes range from $1000 CASH prize, an iPad ($499 value) and an iPod Touch ($299 value) — plus whatever BUZZ comes of your video, which could catapult the winners to another whole level.

"The online music contest is just one simple way that the music college can give back to new talent and help inspire and encourage creativity," says Kareem Ahmed, New Media Manager at McNally Smith. "We also want to alert young people and others to pursue their passion, from making or producing music to working in the music industry. The contest is just one way they can do that. We''re looking forward to all the entries — and maybe the next internet musical sensation."


To enter the online music contest please fill out the entry form and follow the easy instructions below:

1) Shoot a video using whatever you''ve got (iPhone, MacBook, Flip video, WebCam) of yourself doing what you do best. You can play drums, cover a song, rap an original, or play pots and pans. We are looking for something original, awesome, and innovative.

2) Upload your video to your own YouTube Channel. Title it "McNally Smith Express Your Talent- Your Name" and write a brief description of your talent.

3) Go to the McNally Smith College of Music Fan Page on Facebook and click "Like". If you already "Like" McNally Smith, go to the Wall tab and click on the small camcorder image under the box that says, "What's on your mind?" and from there just click "Upload a Video" and wait for your video to load.

4) Next, tell all of your friends to go to the McNally Smith College of Music Fan Page and to LIKE YOUR VIDEO. It will be located under the "Video" tab under "Videos by Others". You can give them instructions on how to get there or just copy and paste your own unique video link. The more likes you get, the higher your odds of winning. The 5 videos with the most ''likes'' will make it to the second round where three winners will be chosen.

Application Details

You must be a Facebook Fan of McNally Smith College of Music

Please keep the videos to 3 minutes or less

All videos are property of McNally Smith College of Music

One video per candidate

Submissions will be received from January 1 through February 14, 2010

Please adhere to YouTube's Terms of Service which can be found here http://www.youtube.com/t/terms

Good luck!