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Friday, 06 October 2006 03:15

This giveaway has ended. Winners are being contacted via email.

Thanks to all who entered.

In talking to the youth, it seem that all the younger people want to be a hip hop artist, a rapper, a basketball or football player and it seems their whole world is based on those ideas. The chances of them becoming those things are slim and it makes one wonder where the younger hip hop generation will end up. It is our goal to enlighten and encourage those in the hip hop culture to read and become knowledgeable in many areas; hopefully finding an area where they can grow and prosper. If nothing else to expose them to the vast ‘real’ world that lies beyond hip hop and rap culture.

In our pursuit to get members of the hip hop culture to read we are providing another book of interest to the hip hop community.

Kevin Liles who is responsible for helping discover and direct the careers of hip hop and rap artists Jay-Z, Ludacris, Ashanti, DMX, Ja Rule, Kanye West, LL Cool J, and many more hip hop personalities, possesses all the necessary "street cred" to deliver the message contained in his book ‘Make It Happen: The Hip Hop Generation Guide to Success’.

Kevin Liles phenomenal success is more than just a modern-day Cinderella story. It's a tribute to his incredible work ethic and unwavering belief that anyone, now matter how tough their circumstances, has a shot of making it in the business world if they do it right.

In his book he tells how he rose from intern to president of Def Jam records in only nine years. He describes the experience of his impressive climb from an urban street kid with dreams of making it in hip hop to a top executive at a multi-billion dollar music company and demonstrates to readers how they, too, can attain their goals by applying a set of principles based on what he calls, "the hip hop way."

Kevin Liles groundbreaking book, ‘Make It Happen: The Hip Hop Generation Guide to Success’ is an October Thug Life Army Literacy Give Away. Sponsored and product provided by Atria Books.

To enter for the give away send an email HERE and add Kevin Liles to the subject line.

This October hip hop give away will end October 31st. You will be asked for your postal address at that time. (Please no PO Boxes).

Be it a hip hop related book or a history related book, take time to read and remember ‘Knowledge is Power’ and you can find ‘Power’ thru reading.

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