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Friday, 24 September 2004 10:33



        Yafeu Fula - aka – Kadafi

Yafeu was born (October 9th, 1977) and raised in Irvington, NJ. Like most Outlawz, Kadafi had a troubled youth. At the age of 5 his father went hiding for the Feds and his mother was a member of The Black Panther Party. Yaasmyn Fula (Kadafi's mom) was bloodsisters with Tupac's mom. So that's how Tupac and Kadafi knew each other. Kadafi and Napoleon know eachother from when they were kids. Napoleons aunt was real close with Yaasmyn. Napoleon and Kadafi frequently their birthdays together since Napoleons birthday was only 2 days after Kadafis. Yafeu was the third original Outlaw. He started in the rapgame at the age of 16. He was in groups like The Plague and Dramacydal. His alias Yak comes from his time with Dramacydal. With The Outlawz he gets the alias Kadafi after Muammar Qaddafi. Kadafi was probably the most gifted Outlaw, lyrically. He was murdered (November 10th, 1996)in a third-floor hallway of a housing project in Orange, NJ, where he was visiting his girlfriend. The murder was probably a drug-transaction gone wrong. He was found and taken to University Hospital in Newark where he died from his wounds. He was only 19 years. Two minors are arrested. Kadafi, Thug In Peace, The Good Die Young. May you rest in a better place, with your grandmother, and all those who we have lost Some of the songs you can hear Kadafi on are: *Me Against The World *Outlaw *All About U *When We Ride *Hail Mary *Just Like Daddy *Staring Thru my Rearview *Made Niggaz *Hit Em Up *Still I Rise *Secretz of War *As The World Turns *Black Jesuz *High Speed *Killuminati *Tear Drops & Closed Caskets *Tattoo Tears *U Can Be Touched.


On November 10, after visiting his girlfriend in East Orange, New Jersey he was shot in Irvington. He was found by the police at 03:48 am in a third floor hallway of an apartment building at 325 Mechanic Street. He was taken to University Hospital where he died on the afternoon. He was only 19-year-old. Who killed him remained unknown for public until September, 2000 when Napoleon revealed in an interview with The Source that it was his cousin, Roddy, who killed him. Roddy claimed it was an accident. Apparently they were both drunk and high and was playing with a gun, Roddy accidentally pulled the trigger and a bullet hit Kadafi in the head."