'Genocide' by Israel Continues in Gaza Print
Written by Westside ID4586   
Saturday, 03 January 2009 01:40

In January of 2006 elections where held in Palestinian. Hamas'' Change and Reform Party were the clear winners in the race. Prime Minister of Palestine at the time Ahmed Qurei said “"This is the choice of the people. It should be respected."

The elections where monitored by representatives of international governments, including past US President Jimmy Carter, to make sure they were fair and legitimate.

Since the United States and the European Union did not like the results of these free elections, they decided not to recognize Hamas as the legitimate head of the Palestinian Government.

The democratic process that everyone wanted took place and since the United States and the European Union did not get the ‘puppet’ they wanted or expected; the democratic process was a waste of time for the people of Palestine. Their wishes and votes did not count.

Now 3 years later Israel is performing ‘genocide’ on the citizens of the Gaza strip, aided by US made Apache gun ships, bombs and bullets, as the Arab world looks on in shock.

Of course the US and the European Union nations see nothing wrong with this genocide and support Israel in this murderess blood bath, even as Israel makes preparations for a possible ground offensive and an invasion of Gaza.

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is staggering. With hundreds dead and many thousands wounded this action by Israel, these actions by Israel are sure to create a new cycle of violence in the Mid East. As this genocide escalates the world is watching and wondering how Israel can justify this conflict and how the US and the European Union nations can just sit back and let it go on.

Many citizens in the US and in the European Union nations are outraged at this violence and are speaking out against Israel, as their leaders ignore their voices and continue to support Israel in this inhuman genocide.

So as the United States waits for the ‘big change’ that was promised by President elect Barack Obama and they pray for recovery from the country’s financial woes and sing ‘God Bless America’ at their sporting events, maybe we should remember God can only bless that which honors and glorifies Him, and mass murder and genocide does not fall into that category. So maybe everyone should re-think their stance on Israel and their current actions.