St Bernard - Elmwood School District Renewal Levy Print
Written by Robert ID4613   
Friday, 23 January 2009 01:55

(St. Bernard-Elmwood Place Ohio): In these times of regional, national and global recession; St. Bernard-Elmwood School District is asking voters for a renewal of an operating levy February 3rd.

The St. Bernard-Elmwood School District is paying $9,600 for this special election; money that could be spent more wisely in these financially troubled times.

As in the past covert activities like putting yard signs in favor of the levy in the yards of vacant and deceased home owners yards are going up and the big ‘push’ is on to get people to vote for this renewal. Even ‘renters’, who would not pay anything towards this levy are putting signs out and why not, it is not going to cost them a cent.

As in the past much is being said about the ‘quality’ of the schools and this is a ‘must do thing’ by voters; or else they will have to cut some services and or activities. Maybe figuring out what the school district would have to cut is the most work they will do all year.

I would have to remind voters to look at all the past times this school district has asked for money and the tactics they used to try to get it.

Superintendent Mimi Webb told the Cincinnati Enquirer “we have to do what’s right for kids;” so February 3rd voters will once again be taken advantage of as we are told it is for the ‘children’ when in fact it is to try to save teachers jobs. If all else fails play the ‘for the children’ card.

The quality of education in this school district and the uneven treatment of students show the voter that this is not for the children; if so the ‘children’ would be the number one priority all the time; not just a mention at tax time.

Although this levy is a renewal levy and would not cost homeowners anymore money, its defeat is a way to get a little of our money back for all the past lack luster performance of this school district; and to show that if you promise voters something you should deliver or there are consequences. And as homeowners we have to remember what newly elected president Barack Obama said about this recession – things are going to get worse before they get better. So for homeowners every cent is going to count if you want to save your home.

Maybe the best way to support the children in this is to defeat this renewal and force the school district to emphasis their funds on the importance of quality curriculum and being straight forward with parents and children.

I would have to ask that voters vote no on this renewal levy February 3rd.

Remember if you do not vote, you can not complain about the outcome.

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