UK Hip Hop Fan Editorial on 2Pac Obama Print
Written by Kevin ID4538   
Wednesday, 05 November 2008 07:22

ONE of my first thoughts, as Barack Obama's victory was confirmed, was for 2Pac (Tupac Shakur). I wish he was here to see this day unfold.

I wish for him back so he could see the day when color did not hold back a man from achieving all he ever wanted in America.

It seemed heaven sent, back in the mid 90's, but ''Pac knew they weren''t ready to see a black President.

Were he still here (Tupac), would it have doused the fire in his soul to know that the system does not, necessarily, bring you down if you fight it in an effective way?

I imagine, as 2Pac would have been 37 this year, that most of his rage at the world would have subsided naturally already, and that, as a responsible artist, author, political speaker (whatever he had set his mind to) he''d have been cheering on this result just like so many millions of others.

After all he (Tupac) won the most votes in his own hip-hop community, he ruled almost president like in the hip hop rap-game from 1992 to 1996. That he only got one term broke the heart of his people, his fans, and we can only hope those same fans, who surely voted Obama this week, will ensure Barack gets longer to push through his change, his vision, his message.

I believe Tupac's passion (2Pac), had it been allowed to grow into a fully formed adult structure, would have been just the sort of progressive attitude Obama would admire, the sort of achiever that he calls on Americans to be if things are to really change.

Did ''Pac spark this change that will potentially change the world, like he always promised he would?

It would be hard to say, and quite a claim. But his short life was certainly another stepping stone on the road to redemption for your great nation.

Welcome back America.


UK Hip Hop Fan