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Tuesday, 24 January 2012 08:44


The long-awaited No Labels Anthem is now featured in the iTunes Music Store and available for purchase for 99 cents. Written by Grammy award-winning platinum artist Akon, aka Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam, and performed by Grammy-nominated platinum artist Deborah Cox, the song's proceeds will help fund No Labels, a citizens' movement of Democrats, Republicans and Independents by empowering our leaders to work across the aisle. Recently, No Labels launched its Make Congress Work! action plan, which features a dozen common sense proposals to combat the gridlock and hyper partisanship that make it virtually impossible to deal with America's serious challenges.

"When I told Akon about No Labels, he was so inspired that he stayed up all night to write this song," said No Labels co-founder Lisa Borders. "The No Labels Anthem speaks to our fellow citizens of every persuasion who are not being served by a partisan, dysfunctional Congress. We want our leaders to work together - like the words and melody of this iconic song - to do what's best for the 'indivisible' United States of America."

"The No Labels mission moved me to get involved and perform this song," said Cox, who has 11 number-one Billboard dance singles. "To citizens like me, Congress is like an orchestra where every member is trying to play their instrument louder than the next. That makes for bad music and its made for bad government. Our leaders need to put aside their differences and work together for the good of the country."

The No Labels Anthem debuts on the day of the president's State of the Union address, where over 196 members of Congress will be sitting with members of the opposite party. No Labels has made bipartisan seating at the State of the Union and all joint meetings of Congress one of the 12 proposals in its Make Congress Work! action plan.

The No Labels Anthem can be purchased on iTunes here and the album cover and lyrics can be viewed here.

No Labels is a group of Republicans, Democrats and Independents who want our government to work again. Our dozen proposals to Make Congress Work! mostly don't require new laws or new spending, and don't favor any party or particular cause. These are simple, straightforward proposals to break gridlock, promote constructive discussion and reduce polarization in Congress. They can mostly be adopted all at once when the next Congress convenes in January 2013.

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