730 - Spit In Ya Face Print
Written by Westside ID464   
Sunday, 28 November 2004 00:33


Mob Life Records, like always ; are still on the grind.

730's mixtape is out and the cover and tracklist are below.

2005 looks like it is going to be a good year at Mob Life Records.

Mopreme comes out in 2005.  There will most likely be a Mopreme mixtape soon.  Tha Realest and 730 did an entire album together, a group project.  That is coming out early 2005.  That album is crazy.  There are a total of 16 songs.  It features Swoop G, G-Money from Me Against The World album, New Child and some sick new cats. 

We will keep you up on the 2005 releases but 730's mixtape is available now. Click here to order the mixtape


      730 - Spit In Ya Face Mixtape Tracaklist:

1. Spit In Ya Face
2. You Got It Fu**ed Up
3. In My Hood
4. What Y''all Want Now
5. Click Clack
6. Spit In Ya Face Bitch
7. Nickle 2 Dime
8. Roll Up
9. Check Out 30's Melody
10. Kept On Rappin''
11. Story To Tell
12. Spit In Ya Face Bitch Pt. II
13. Fuckin'' With A Champ
14. It's Not A Game
15. The Champ Is Here
16. We Doin'' It
17. Spit In My Dads Face
18. Daddy
19. 30 & Malta
20. Spendin'' Chips
21. Spit In Ya Face Pt. II
22. Slang Crack
23. Still Cruisin''
24. F*** You (Interlude)
25. F*** You (Feat. Tha Realest & Swoop G)*
*Produced by Hella Tight