Celly Cel - 'It'z Real Out Here Print
Written by Staff ID944   
Saturday, 26 February 2005 10:55

"It''z Real Out Here" was produced by Celly Cel.  It was recorded and mixed at Find-A-Way Studios in Hayworth, California.  A complete track listing is as follows:

1- Neva Leave U Again

2- Thugged Out

3- WhatUGoneDo?

4- Jealous

5- Who Is That?

6- I Told Yall

7- No Tomorrow

8- It''z Real Out Here

9- Scrape Wit Me

10- D-Boyz

11- Seniorita

12- Real Ni**az

13- They Go 2 Ways

14- When I Ride

15- I Want You

16- Pu**y In Tha House

17- Keep It Real

To find out more information about Celly Cel and "It''z Real Out Here," visit his website at www.cellycel.net .