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Written by Robert ID2028   
Saturday, 22 October 2005 05:31

Dirty Dawg Recordz & Project Records release Big Rich Tha Dons'' Southwest Gangstas LP. This album has been anticipated and long overdo. Southwest Gangstas is the most creatively constructed project put together by a Mexican American ''''Chicano'''' hip-hop artist, making this album appealing to all hip-hop lovers.

This ex-convict and now college student has been inspired by his own life to write the most creatively constructed lyrics making him the No 1 Chicano rap artist in the nation, the secret to his success is the drive and determination to make people understand and believe that not all Mexican American ''Chicano'' rap and Hip Hop are the same. He places the knowledge of collage studies into poetically structured street influenced music making him a much more powerful writer, his music is easier to understand and entertains a much broader audience.

Big Rich Tha Don is the talent that will lead this next generation of Chicano hip-hoppers into another dimension. Big Rich is working with artists and producers across the nation has been featured in many magazines also being featured on two compilation CD's and has made an impact on the streets of America with downloads ranging in the thousands by all hip-hop lovers this is how we have determined that Big Rich Tha Don is No 1 in Chicano hip-hop the next rising star.

This album also features the bonus track Locked & Loaded produced by The NEPTUNES

Track list for Southwest Gangstas LP

Gd'' up

Mexican Soldiers

4 Real


Ghetto Streets

Sucka Free

Keep It Rilla

Ghetto Clubin

Make That Money

Ghost Ryder

Make That Money / Remix

Project Records Presents Big Rich Tha Dons Southwest Gangstas'' Lp You can purchase this album @ Project Records

Big Rich Tha Don is Working with Project Records & is on American Idol Radio.

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