3rd Degree - The Pedestrian Print
Written by Westside ID65   
Sunday, 26 September 2004 08:46

Released by Blak Ice Records, Third Degree, who hails from
South Central Los Angeles, grew up living right around the corner from
Dub C of Westside Connection.

“My raps give people another view of Los Angeles. People who don''t live
here think it's all either gangbanging or Hollywood. L.A. is not all
about being a gangsta. I just wanted to make this record about the
regular person in L.A, he concedes. Third believes there's a lot of
pressure to rap about banging, because some of the earlier great L.A.
rappers before them.

This album is uniquely different and a fresh change from what has become the standard. Check this one out for a nice different joint.

For further information on 3rd Degree and Blak Ice Records , please visit www.blakicerecords.com


1. The One
2. Go To Guy
3. Do my Thang
4. Nuthin'' But A Party
5. Favoirte Shade Of Brown
6. Hit This 40
7. Eye Candy
8. Soon As It Comes On-Shake That Ass
9. Pop The Question
10. I Got This
11. My Way
12. I Be Steppin''
13. Pedestrian
14. Checking You Out
15. Ready Set Go
16. See Ya When I See Ya
17. November
18. Problems
19. Stylistic
20. Ridin'' Bye
21. Bring It Back