Hip-Hop Messenger Group X Clan on HBO 7-29-05 Print
Written by Robert ID1731   
Thursday, 28 July 2005 12:30

Friday July 29, 2005, HBO will air an episode of Russell Simmon’s Def Poetry Jam that will include a recent performance by the legendary Brother J. and his X-Clan Millennium Cipher.

In 1990, the Hip-Hop generation was introduced to a new era of music. The sound of funk, culture and Brooklyn-style lyrics would open attention spans for a message of social justice and enlightenment. The messenger group X Clan entered the music mainstream at the beginning of the decade in a timely fashion. With a unique sound, image, and concept, X Clan paid dues as pioneers rubbing against the grain of negative lyrics and ego tripping poetics. In allegiance with the Blackwatch Movement, (a Brooklyn based organization that informed youth of worldwide issues and injustices), X Clan stayed focused in its mission of freedom and uplift in the face of racial tension and indigenous genocide.

After two successful albums with Island Records (To the East Blackwards, and Xodus), the X Clan disbanded in the mid 90’s. Brother J, the voice of the X Clan, continued to produce and preserve his name and art form throughout the mainstream and underground markets of Hip-Hop. In 1996, the first generation of Dark Sun Riders released a project called the Seeds of Evolution also with Island Records.

Present day, Brother J has reassembled the X Clan. X Clan Millennium Cipher has emerged to engage long time supporters and a new audience with solid lyricism and a unique brand of Hip Hop music. With the support of OM Records and YZ’s 720 Entertainment, Brother J. will release The Underground Scrolls Volume 1: Coming 4th By Day. This CD will serve as an introduction to Brother J., the artist behind the message of X-Clan, and will be followed by the upcoming X Clan CD titled Return From Mecca. Street dates for these two projects will be forthcoming. The anticipation of the return of Brother J and X Clan has opened the door for consistent tours, performances, and special appearances.

Brother J and the X Clan will continue the tradition of displaying ancestral wisdom, culture, and signature lyrical style that appeals to all generations of Hip-Hop.